Cryp-to’s New
Apex Predator

Lone Wolf $ZADA is a whole NEW
Generation of Cryp-to, with the Potential to
Put Bit-coin Gains to Shame in 2022.
Here's why:

The Clock is ticking on YOUR Cardano ($ADA) Bonus:



Superior Tokenomics unlike anything else on the Block-chain, with the world’s first single-token “Hybrid Portfolio Builder."


Steady Cardano ($ADA) “Dividends” that beat staking and put profits in holders’ pockets without ever selling a token.


Revolutionary “Last Man Standing” Wallet that delivers tiered benefits for larger stakeholders and transforms top-end performance.


Elite Team of Fully-Doxxed Experts managing $ZADA’s evolution through three different evolutions, with the radical new “Chain” paving the way for exponential growth—all just for holding.

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Cryp-to-currency is evolving MUCH faster than people realize …

Sure, Bit-coin still gets the lion’s share of press—but for those in the know, it wasn’t even the main story of 2021.

Because while Bit-coin tacked on an impressive 60%1 over the course of the year, top-performing Alt-coins fared far better. The “Dogekiller” Shiba Inu ($SHIB) mooned in comparison, with absolutely unfathomable 45 million percent gains2.

To put that in context, a single hundred-dollar bill invested into $SHIB back on January 1st—just a year ago—would be worth $45,273,973 today (12/20/21).

But these evolutions are just getting started.

The changes are incremental, with the vast majority of cryp-to still just “Basic Bit-coin” and a few novel bells and whistles.

That is, until you start looking into $ZADA …

A New Paradigm for Cryp-to

$ZADA is a transformative new token that changes the definition of “Buy and Hold” (or HODL).

It’s called a “Hybrid Portfolio Builder”5 and it uses the same basic principle as traditional Dividend Reinvestment to passively grow wealth over months and years to come.

There’s no management necessary, no need to watch the ticker everyday. Because $ZADA is always working and always earning in a portfolio, all on its own.

It starts with a concept called “Reflection.”

“Reflection” coins essentially charge a tax on each transaction. Except instead of just disappearing like the other taxes we pay, this tax is paid right back to the coin holders.

By taxing individual transactions, Reflection Coins can effectively ward off speculators and panic sellers while establishing a healthy price floor and paying serious income to holders.

Reflection is a relatively new concept, but it’s been quite successful for coins like SafeMoon.

The problem with pure Reflection coins like SafeMoon; however, is that your reflections are almost always paid back in the same coin.

So if SafeMoon’s value plunges, you’re stuck collecting worthless dividends. Worse still, even if it moons, you’re going to be taxed when you sell—so they get you coming and going.

Meanwhile $ZADA pays Reflections in one of the market’s hottest Coins; Cardano ($ADA).

Cardano is the seventh largest cryp-to by market cap.

It soared 628% in 2021, and it was specifically selected by the ZADA team because of its potential to go even further in the years ahead4.

That means your reflections (calculated on an hourly basis) will be deposited into one of the best “Blue-Chip” cryp-tos that still has plenty of room to run.

No additional taxes or fees, just a steady stream of $ADA automatically deposited into your wallet.

These “Blue-Chip Reflections” are really the core of $ZADA’s unique value here. Unlike any other coin, $ZADA gives you a team of industry experts to manage your accumulation, effectively doing all the research and heavy-lifting to grow your wallet independently.

What’s more; earning Cardano this way is far more accessible—and potentially even more profitable—than simply staking Cardano on its own.

Will You Be the “Last Man Standing”?

ZADA’s new “Last Man Standing” Wallet is easily the most innovative and most fascinating part about the whole project.

Here’s how it works …

Aside from the 10% reflections paid back to holders, an additional 2% is set aside in an independent wallet for weekly Last Man Standing (LMS) distributions.

And qualifying for LMS distributions is easy. All you have to do is;

– Meet the minimum holding requirement (1 billion coins, presently ~$7,700) – Don’t sell or transfer your $ZADA for 7 days

That’s it.

Meet these minimal requirements, and you’ll receive a weekly bonus (in Cardano) just for HODLing.

It doesn’t matter whether 100 people qualify—or if the whole jack-pot is paid to you alone—LMS distributions are a contractually-obligated part of the ZADA universe.

At time of writing (12/22/21), we’re five days into a relatively slow week, with the jackpot already sitting at $ADA 5,191 … almost $7k in additional instant rewards.

On the one hand, this is an extremely fun (and obviously rewarding) addition to $ZADA.

But on a deeper level, the LMS (and indeed every other aspect of $ZADA’s tokenomics) is designed with holders and only holders in mind.

Because LMS creates an additional incentive for holders to grow and maintain their stake.

It’s a 20% boost in income that pushes $ZADA even further ahead of the competition in terms of profitability—and no one else has anything like it.

MASSIVE Room to Run in 2022:

$ZADA ICO’ed just over a month ago, and it’s generally tracked/outperformed Bit-coin so far ($ZADA in yellow below, $B-T-C in green):

chart That major pop in late November likely coincides with early adopters getting in just a few weeks after the presale, with presale speculators likely offloading in the weeks that have followed.

Perhaps the most interesting part about $ZADA’s chart is just the raw volume …

ZADA is moving notably high volumes for a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) cryp-to even when it’s not mooning (up to $3.4MM per day)3. That means the interest is very much there.

Yet it seems the broader cryp-to market still hasn’t caught on to what $ZADA is offering. And can you blame them?

The Game Has Already Changed (And they Don’t Know it Yet)

As you’ve just seen, $ZADA is probably one of the most evolved, most sophisticated cryp-to offerings on the market today.

While most Alt-coins offer some kind of superficial improvement over what’s come before, $ZADA is moving the goalposts by leaps and bounds.

They’re finally making the tech and tokenomics work for the coin holder … and not the other way around.

And here’s your proof:

(Source 6)
$ADA 741,484.

Almost a million dollars worth of Cardano distributed free and clear since the project began just over a month ago.

And this is all just the very tip of the iceberg …

Because once the market catches on, once new investors start buying in and collecting their payouts, there’s only one way $ZADA can go. And as $ZADA goes up, the value of reflections go up with it. Remember; 10% reflections on each $ZADA transaction. That’s the rule here, no matter whether tokens are trading at the equivalent of one cent or one dollar.

That means practically unmatched potential for exponential growth as th

ings take off.

Will $ZADA moon 45,000,000% like $SHIB?

It’s possible.

But unlike almost every other coin out there, it doesn’t have to.

Because whether it soars or not, you’ll still get paid.

And either way, $ZADA will automatically fill your wallet with the best-performing coins the market has to offer—building a diverse, hybrid portfolio for superior long-term performance.

$ZADA is genuinely unprecedented in the cryp-to space.

No other team even comes close to what they’re doing.

And you do NOT want to be late if and when this train leaves the station …
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Company Info

ZADA is the first of its kind, a Hyper Reflection token that rewards its holders in a multitude of ways by simplifying the investing process and building a strong and varied portfolio.