Meet StripCoin, the Cryp-to World’s FIRST


Built for the Nightlife, Delivering a Whole New Level of Discretion and Possibility …

Dedicated Stripcoin terminals
already in 130 locations across 5 different countries, for easy on-the-spot payments.

No more Cash or Problematic Billing:
Unlock an evening of once-in-a-lifetime fun with nothing more than a simple password.

Red-Hot Celebrity & Influencer Support
from a whole army of elite personalities

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Imagine heading out for a night of fun — and leaving your wallet at home.

You might just be going out for a few drinks with the guys. Or maybe you’re in the mood for an all-night rager that ends up with you taking a private jet to Cancun …

And you get to enjoy it all with no cash. No cards. No hassle.1

Perhaps more importantly; no “surprise” billing appearing in your home mailbox and ZERO risk of having your personal details compromised.

Does that sound like an impossible level of freedom? Because it’s not. Not anymore.

All it takes is a password for your own cryp-to wallet and a little bit of ambition to dive into a whole new universe of possibility with StripCoin …

$STRIP is Built to Party (Your Credit Card is NOT)

StripCoin is an ERC-20 token on the E-thereum blockchain. It’s available on the Uniswap exchange by trading directly for E-thereum tokens (E-T-H).

Utilizing one of the most popular (and one of the most robust) blockchains available means that StripCoin is built for longevity, with no third-party entities to censor, monitor or sell their data.

In contrast to modern banks and their surprisingly “post-puritanical” tendencies, the StripCoin ecosystem is completely decentralized with no intermediaries, no hidden fees and no massive sheets of terms. With StripCoin, transactions are controlled by the interested parties—without having to worry about a central authority throttling payments or siphoning interest off the back-end.

This is a MASSIVE benefit in a world where payment processors are putting increasing pressure on a variety of adult businesses. MasterCard and Visa both pulled out of Pornhub after some bad press in 2020, and the former went on to roll out stricter regulations on payments for 2021. 2

Payment processors managed to put so much pressure on these sites that in August, OnlyFans (briefly) pledged to remove all adult content from their platform—just to stay in the good grace and favor of the credit card companies.

With StripCoin, this kind of ad-hoc censorship isn’t even possible.

Remember – the whole system is decentralized.

That means content creators, nightclubs, and other providers can start to build their business around a cryp-to like StripCoin without ever having to worry about threats from payment processors at any time in the future.

Unparalleled Convenience & Security

StripCoin’s most compelling advantage has to be its growing network of automated StripCoin/POS Terminals currently being installed in bars, clubs, nightlife venues and retail establishments all over the world. The plans to have 130 of these locations up and running by the end of 2021, with a solid presence in 5 different countries.

So instead of jumping through endless hoops or paying massive taxes just to convert your cryp-to to fiat, you can essentially tap a few buttons and pay for your night’s indulgences directly out of your wallet and denominated in StripCoin. No need to pay outrageous ATM fees often charged at clubs and events.

Like we mentioned before; you get to leave the wallet or purse at home. No more need to worry about keeping track of your valuables when you’re exploring a new city or going out for some shopping. This even applies when you’re traveling abroad, since StripCoin’s network spreads throughout multiple countries—with even more growth on the way.

Considering that StripCoin only launched in November of 2021, the size and rapid growth of their network is definitely encouraging. Because with each new terminal they add, the network becomes even more convenient and even safer for the users involved.

A Whole New Level of Privacy & Discretion

Ashley Madison is a website that promises “Affairs & Discreet Married Dating” to millions of different users from all over the world.

If you’ve heard of Ashley Madison, it’s probably because the website was hacked back in 2015—leaking the personal information of some 32 million different users who may (or may not) have been seeking some action on the side.3

Regardless of one’s personal take on the event, you have to admit that this was an absolutely massive breach of privacy and trust; especially for a company that promised discretion in their headline.

But that’s just the reality of the situation when you’re using credit cards in today’s modern financial system. Each account has to be attached to the cardholder’s name, with even more data just a quick google-search away.

According to the FTC, some 9 million people have their identities stolen each year.4 And all of this is just a “cost of doing business” as far as the banks and credit card companies are concerned.

Meanwhile, with a completely decentralized cryp-to like StripCoin, that kind of privacy breach just isn’t possible.

Looking back at the blockchain, one would only ever see addresses and exchange information—essentially encoded data without any personal or compromising information attached at all.

That means you won’t have to worry about explaining away any “unexpected” charges like you would with a credit card or bank account, and zero risk of compromising your personal/financial data.

The same goes for online purchases where the user might wish to remain anonymous. By sending StripCoin directly to a vendor’s wallet, you won’t have to worry about their site security potentially compromising your data, no billing statements to answer for, and no risk of information leaks at all.

StripCoin: Making it Rain in 2022

Americans know how to party hard.

According to the American Nightlife Association, we collectively spend $745 Billion on food and drink each year across 65,800 different bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants. 5

And as the world emerges from two years of pandemic, you know nearly everyone will be eager to let off some steam.

StripCoin stands to meet the moment and “make it rain” in 2022, providing a practical and extremely appealing new use case for cryp-to in some of the hottest clubs, bars, and shopping venues all over the world.

Propelling popularity and awareness even further, StripCoin has an unrivaled network of Celebrities and A-List Influencers on deck to start spreading the word. 

The team at StripCoin is primarily focused on the types of influencers they call “Digital Needle-Movers,” with proven viral appeal and a knack for swaying massive audiences. They’re heavily prioritizing youth culture, music and entertainment in order to break through to a whole new class of cryp-to user and investor. 

Because at its core, StripCoin offers just about everything the new generation of partiers value most—the privacy and anonymity to enjoy themselves … the security of not having to worry about cash or data breaches … and the sheer convenience of being able to enjoy the very best the nightlife has to offer with a few taps on a StripCoin terminal.

With StripCoin, you can indulge and enjoy yourself—without the hidden fees, massive taxes, or meddling financial institutions to spoil the fun.

For those reasons (and more), StripCoin should ABSOLUTELY be on your cryp-to watchlist …


Company Info

STRIPCOIN is a digital cryptocurrency designed for all aspects of an elevated lifestyle, as if you’re splurging on the Las Vegas Strip! STRIPCOIN’s main purpose is to provide direct utility and ease of cryptocurrency use towards fashion, luxury goods, nightlife and entertainment. The coin allows currency holders to pay for goods and/or services, while eliminating the high risks that come with carrying large amounts of physical cash, and providing the user with ability to maintain their desired anonymity.