Bit-coin’s “Black Card”

Stripcoin (Strip) is the Elite New Digital
Currency Providing Unlimited Access

4 Factors that Make Stripcoin the Luxury Cryp-to We Need

An unrivaled luxury network of 100+ ultra high-end acceptance points over 5+ different countries.1

Point-of-Sale (POS) trading stations make it easier than ever for new users to buy and use their cryp-to.1

One of the only cryp-to-currencies you can use to buy top designer brands like Givenchy, Dior, Gucci and more.

Stripcoin is a utility token with an extremely compelling use case, and it’s already transforming the way cryp-to works.

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For decades now, the full-metal “Black Card” has been an icon of unrivaled wealth and prestige.

It’s the kind of currency that does more than just buy the things you want.

It opens doors to a whole new world.

It turns heads and it elevates an occasion by its mere presence. With a wave of your hand, you can unlock a whole new world of luxury including everything from the hottest designer brands to luxury travel, supercars and so much more.

And now, in 2022, there’s a whole new kind of digital “Black Card” for the cryp-to age, unchained from the restrictions, risks and fees of traditional finance …

With Stripcoin, you don’t even need the Card

Stripcoin is the world’s first cryp-to-currency to deliver that same kind of unlimited access and peace of mind you’d only get from a “Black Card” otherwise.

With a network of 130+ different luxury access points in 5 different countries, Stripcoin’s ecosystem is completely decentralized with no intermediaries, no hidden fees, and no massive sheets of terms.

With Stripcoin, you’re getting a direct Peer 2 Peer transaction between two parties.

That means no more need to worry about carrying large amounts of cash. You can leave your purse or wallet at home before heading out.

Unlike so many buy-and-hold coins on the market, Stripcoin is becoming a true Utility Token, and it’s already starting to deliver on one of the most compelling new use cases we’ve seen in years.

Your Key to an Elite New World of Ultra-Luxury

The Stripcoin network runs the gamut from venues and clubs to high end car rental companies, jet brokerages, clothing boutiques in New York City and high-end home builders.

Their goods and services range in cost from a few dollars up into the tens of millions, but they’ve all got one thing in common.

They all rate five stars or above.

Handpicked and carefully interviewed by the Stripcoin team, providers are carefully vetted before they ever come onboard. They’re accustomed to dealing with people to whom the rules don’t apply, and the addition of a luxury cryp-to fits their business perfectly.

That means Stripcoin is one of the only cryp-to-currencies that allows you to walk into a boutique and buy any of the hottest designer brands, from Gucci and Givenchy to Dior and more.

With Stripcoin, you can even get a Lamborghini.

Tokenomics like No Other

Stripcoin is an ERC-20 token on the Eth-ereum Block-chain.2

Utilizing one of the most popular (and one of the most robust) block-chains available means that Stripcoin is clearly built for longevity, with no third-party entities to censor, monitor or sell their data.

There are 500,000,000,000 total tokens. All tokens are accounted for by the Dev Team, with a limited portion reserved for mining and staking to ensure liquidity.

Stripcoin trades on Uniswap as an E-T-H pair with the address: 0xE9cB6838902CCF711f16a9EA5A1170F8e9853C02

Each vested member of the team is locked into a 12-month Smart Contract that will only release 10% of their stake at a time. These same Smart Contracts are planned to be used as new projects and sponsorships roll out.

As their social media marketing strategy gets underway, the team expects to see coin prices equivalent to 50-75 cents by Q3 of 2022.

But the most compelling thing about Stripcoin is what you DON’T see in the numbers …

Unlocking the Real-World Power of Digital Currency

Specifically, we’re talking about the massive network of ultra luxury acceptance points mentioned above.

Because while Stripcoin has all the metrics of a compelling buy-and-hold, it’s also a very real utility token for a very high-end audience. That means it could see higher than average liquidity and trading volume due to regular use.

Additionally, the network’s point-of-sale units make it easier than ever for new users to purchase cryp-to. Instead of navigating to an exchange and trading a stablecoin pair, they’ll be able to transfer fiat into Stripcoin with a few presses of a button.

That kind of accessibility is extremely powerful, especially when you put it in the hands of the ultra-wealthy.

According to the team behind Stripcoin, “We see the coin likely ending up with a 50/50 split between holders and users.”

At the same time, they noted that there would likely be a full spectrum between investors and end-users.

For example, you might drop a few hundred dollars into your Stripcoin account only to have a friend pick up the tab. After a month, prices on your Stripcoin have soared, so you hang onto it for a few more months and end up renting a Lamborghini with the same cash you might have otherwise used to pick up a bar tab.

By that same token, a long-time investor might elect to cash out some of their gains by having a new luxury home built or renting a private jet for that special vacation.

Combining superior luxury access with the unlimited privacy and security of cryp-to has allowed Stripcoin to effectively put lightning in a bottle.

The possibilities are simply endless …

With Stripcoin, the Party Never Ends

Stripcoin only hit the market with its initial coin offering in mid-November of 20213, with a strong slate of social media influencers set to start spreading the word in the new year.

As the buzz and the Stripcoin ecosystem grow, the team is planning to add another dimension with the development of “Red Carpet Club” NFTs. These NFTs will work as passes at acceptance points—meaning you could show up to one of Miami’s hottest clubs in the middle of high season and get into the VIP just by showing your token.

The team is also planning to add even more points of real-world utility for the coin, including “StripTV” and a platform that could rival OnlyFans while taking advantage of the privacy and security of cryp-to.

As the network grows, Stripcoin becomes more than just another currency. It becomes access.

It’s a ticket to your favorite concert, or the first download of the hot new album from your favorite artist.

Stripcoin isn’t just a ticket to the venue. Stripcoin is the venue.

And in 2022, the world will find out …

Company Info

STRIPCOIN is a digital cryptocurrency designed for all aspects of an elevated lifestyle, as if you’re splurging on the Las Vegas Strip! STRIPCOIN’s main purpose is to provide direct utility and ease of cryptocurrency use towards fashion, luxury goods, nightlife and entertainment. The coin allows currency holders to pay for goods and/or services, while eliminating the high risks that come with carrying large amounts of physical cash, and providing the user with ability to maintain their desired anonymity.